The Religious Book Market

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13 April 2018
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13 April 2018
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The Religious Book Market

We work in the religious books segment – but we can also place ourselves in the dictionary or extracurricular books segment, because the use of our clients is of the same type.

As such, the religious segment is growing and its numbers are rising. Indeed, everyone can see that the religious question is more and more important especially among the younger generations, after having been long and absent.

In France the Syndicat National de l’Édition (National Union of Publishing) records since 2012 a steady increase in sales of religious books, with 0.5% of book sales in 2012, it increases to 1.4% in 2014 and 1.8% in 2016 [1]. In the United States, the Association of American Publishers is up 8.4% in 2016. [2].

This phenomenon exists in all communities, both Christian and Muslim. Moreover each year the two most sold and printed books in the world are The Bible and The Koran, with about 4 billion copies each year.


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