S ince its creation, SifatuSafwa's mission has been to spread Arabic & Islamic literature in the Western world. Many Muslim and Arabic-speaking communities live in Europe and North America without having full access to their religious and cultural heritage. We hope that everyone can get the reference books of Muslim history, in the revealed language of the Koran. We aspire to spread Islam in its originality, without filter, and thus help Muslims around the world in their spiritual and theological research.

To do this we have implemented the technological, logistic and commercial means allowing us to bring the fruit of the Middle East publications to the hands of our customers all over the world. We have been able to improve each of our skill areas in a meaningful way to meet the needs of our customers and maintain our leadership in this market.

W e must combine our commercial ambitions and our religious responsibility in the spread of Islam, with a balance to achieve excellence in both areas. We are doing everything from the beginning to give our customers the best possible experience, with a relevant and quality editorial choice. and an increasingly secure and efficient service.

So, it is imperative that the products we offer meet two requirements:
- The conformity of the content to Muslim orthodoxy, which is opposed to sectarianism or destructive ideologies.
- The quality of publishing, so the publishing houses have to be recognized as serious ones.

Our Vision: Making the Arab Islamic works accessible to everyone, everywhere, in accordance with the teachings of Allah and His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him.